Joseph Enguehard

Joseph Enguehard

PhD Candidate in Economics

École normale supérieure de Lyon

I am a PhD candidate in Economics at the Center for Economic Research on Governance, Inequality and Conflict within the École normale supérieure de Lyon. My research spans political economy, (macro) development and economic history.

I am interested in a variety of issues related to long-run economic and institutional development, including the political economy of taxation, military recruitment and resistance to state expansion, the interaction between demographic transition and structural change, and historical living standards.

More about my research

More about me


  • May 21-22. I organize the Advanced Methods (hybrid) Workshop in Lyon. Program. Zoom Webinar details for online attendance can be obtained here for May 21st, and here for May 22nd.

  • Apr-Jul 24. At the invitation of Davide Cantoni, I am visiting the Department of Economics at LMU.

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Some past events

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  • 5-7 March. I presented at the HEDG Workshop at SDU Odense.
  • 27-29 Sep 23. I took part in the Oxford Large Language Models for Social Science Workshop.
  • 14-15 Sep 23. I organized a workshop on advanced data collection methods at ENS de Lyon.
  • 1 Sep 23. I presented ‘World Military Capacity’ at the EHES meeting in Vienna.
  • 22 Jul 23. I presented an earlier version of ‘Lewis and Malthus’ at the World Cliometrics Conference.
  • 28 Jun 23. I presented an earlier version of ‘Lewis and Malthus’ at the LAGV Public Economics Days (AMSE).
  • 5 Apr 23. I presented an earlier version of ‘Lewis and Malthus’ at the ENSL-Bologna Junior Workshop.
  • 30 Mar 23. I presented an earlier version of ‘Lewis and Malthus’ at the Long Run Dynamics in Economics Workshop at PSE.
  • 23 Mar 23. I presented an earlier version of ‘Lewis and Malthus’ at the Lewis Lab Graduate Workshop in Manchester.
  • 8 Mar 23. I presented an earlier version of ‘Malthus in the Raj’ at the Graduate ESH Seminar in Oxford.
  • 16 Sep 22. I presented an earlier version of ‘Illegal Economy and Ideology’ at the EHA Meeting’s poster session.
  • 29 Jul 22. I presented an earlier version of ‘Malthus in the Raj’ at the WEHC. Report (in French).

About me

While being a civil servant scholar at École normale supérieure, I completed a Master’s degree in economics at Paris School of Economics. Before that, I followed a liberal arts curriculum, including a Bachelor degree in philosophy at the Sorbonne. Since starting my PhD at ENS de Lyon thanks to a government scholarship, I have made short visits to the Scuola Sant’Anna in Pisa, the Harris School in Chicago and the University of Oxford.

My surname is pronounced /ɑ̃gø.aʁ/. Originally from Normandy, it is related to a surname found throughout the Germanic language area (with variants such as Engelhardt or Inglehart) and was probably introduced into northwest France as a result of medieval Norman settlement.

.tf is the Internet domain for the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, which happened to be available.

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  • Political Economy
  • Growth and Macro Development
  • Economic History
  • ENS Graduate Degree, 2021

    École normale supérieure - PSL

  • Master's Degree in Economics (APE), 2020

    Paris School of Economics


ENS de Lyon
PhD Candidate (French Government Contract)
September 2021 – Present France

Teaching duties include:

  • TA: Mathematics for Economists (3rd-year students at ENS Lyon)
  • Main instructor: Fundamentals of Micro- and Macroeconomics (graduate business students from EM Lyon)
Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford
October 2020 – June 2021 United Kingdom
Taught French conversation and essay (1st- to 4th-year) while visiting the University.
Chair Energy & Prosperity
Macroeconomic Research Assistant
September 2018 – February 2019 France
Based at the French Development Agency (AFD), I worked on coupling the world macroeconomic model GEMMES with the climate model LOVECLIM in order to assess the regional impact of climate change.
Lycée Lakanal
Mathematics Instructor
Lycée Lakanal
September 2016 – February 2019 France
Math oral exam training for second-year liberal arts undergraduate students.


Email is the best way to reach me.

  • ENS, 15 parvis Descartes, 69007 Lyon, France
  • CERGIC, Office D4.004
  • Bluesky
  • Twitter